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Hey There! Welcome to our presskit, you can check out an overview of Hal9, screencaps of our product, several press releases we have had, and our branding assets.

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Hal91 is a low-code analytics platform focused on making Artificial Intelligence (AI) accessible to everyone2.

Hal9 allows you to easily process data by composing a sequence of transformations, predictions and visualizations, which we call pipelines. A pipeline usually starts with a csv, json, or excel file, and ends with a visualization, prediction model, or exporting the result as a dataset or API.

You can build pipelines by dragging and dropping blocks, changing parameters in each block or modifying dozens of pipelines already available for you to explore.

We built Hal9 using open-source components and web-technologies, which enable two features that make Hal9 stand out compared to other solutions.

First, you can easily integrate your pipelines into any web project, including static HTML pages. Some of the pipelines we’ve built don’t even use a server which can really help you reduce costs.

Second, Hal9 allows you to also modify and extend our platform with code you can write using JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML, Markdown, and web frameworks like TensorFlow.js3, React.js and Vue.js -- You will never be stuck or limited by Hal9.

If your web project needs to analyze data, create data visualizations, deploy predictive models, or coordinate between Data Scientists and Web Developers, Hal9 is your best bet.

We've also made Hal9 a place for Web Developers and Data Scientists to share their content. We can’t wait to see what you build with Hal9.

So come check out, contribute to our Github repo, and connect with a community of data scientists, web developers, and machine learning experts who are looking to interact with data visualizations and artificial intelligence in new ways.

Hal9 Inc is based in Seattle, WA and was founded in June 20214.

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