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Enterprises can now answer analytics questions inside their own infrastructure with Hal9.

If you work at a company with 200+ people, you probably want to consider Hal9's Enterprise plan to enable your business users to answer data questions and find insights in seconds with Hal9's conversational AI. You can book a demo with us at hal9.com​

In a nutshell, your technical team can use Docker or Kubernetes to install Hal9 within your data center or private virtual cloud. Hal9 will then transform and visualize all data entirely in your infrastructure and only process metadata in Hal9's LLM API. This is sufficient for most enterprise customers, but if you are one of the few that require to be completely air-gapped, we can help with that as well.


Here is a walkthrough video describing the main concepts and installation steps.


video preview​


Please note this topic is only applicable to medium to large organizations, previous posts covered how to deal with files, databases and services directly online.


After signing up for Hal9's Enterprise Plan at hal9.com/plans, you will gain access to the installation page that contains instructions to install Hal9.

Your technical team will be familiar with the commands we provide to pull, build and run Hal9's Docker image. We will also provide a URL with an administrator key to login to and configure Hal9.


Once the Hal9 Docker image is installed, you can use the provided administrator key to login to the admin console to view, monitor and configure settings across the system. Our team can assist during this process or provide additional technical resources for your team.

We partnered with Auth0 to support many authentication providers like Active Directory, OpenID and SAML; the full list is available in Auth0's provider list. You can also configure cloud storage accounts and some of the product aesthetics, like the logo image. Once configured, you can use all the functionality available in hal9.com, but in your own infrastructure.

-- The Hal9 Team

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